Useful: SEO Factors (100% In Top Ranks) – 2021 May

SEO Factor For Website & Blog ( Increase Your Revenue Up To 50%)

Seo factors

If you have a website or blog and you don’t know how to improve your website make it rank on Google – then there are some factors that might help you to reach your goal.

I am no Professional At SEO – but i share my real-life 5 Years experience working on websites.

If you are a beginner to the website then you should know about these common factors –

  • No Backlinks Required – Make sure your content Is unique – there are many more chances to rank. if your content is unique. if you have Common content that doesn’t mean you can not rank you just need to write something different about it.


  • Do not copy any content from anywhere – you can take the idea and with it write in a different way of thinking but not copy from another website – Google knows everything. i mean everything. So don’t take it lightly if you want to do genuine work so be original.

  • Some people think they are smart so they can fool Google in many ways for Example –

1. They copy the paragraph and change the whole sentence by its synonyms &  antonyms.

2. Watching video on youtube or anywhere else and write down the words they say, & make articles.

  • Do not do that i have tried this method so i face the consequences – Google can track your copy content and you will never rank.

  • Do not share your links on social media ruthlessly. Every time you share on social media. the link to your Article or Post. 9You create a backlink. and if you did it more and more then google will put your website in the spam list. Do it twice or thrice in a month.

9+ Common SEO FACTORS –  WordPress

  1. Make sure in your post you have (Internal & External Links)
  2. Make Article b/w 700-1000 or more Words.
  3. Don’t Cover your focus keyword into the link.
  4. Make user-friendly articles as much as possible. This will decrease your bounce rate.

The Bounce rate you can check it on analytics. make sure your bounce rate is always low.

E.g-  If you have 1o Users visit per day and they read your full article and bounce rate should be b/w 10% to 25% this is good. then you will rank very fast on top.

On the other side, you have 500 visits per day – and the bounce rate is 70% to 90% – Then this rank will fall in time. 100% sure.

5. You add the different website links to your site. Where you can lead visitors about that specific thing you mention in your Article – Like i refer Analytics in this article.

6. Add photos and media in your post.

7. To rank your website – add some pages in your site – Like T&C, Privacy Policy, About, Contact, Blog, Home.  this method makes you trustworthy & help you to rank.

8. Don’t put an open link in your post like this – There no use of this.

9.  And for your slug or your article link – make it small as possible & should be matched with the focus keyword & w\  with your main title.


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Advance SEO Factors – 

In order to learn about advanced SEO factors – you have to master the content typing like,

How to make a post – 

You have to make neat and clean post no Hoch poch – First Headline is your main headline it should be in H1 and make sure you use your FKW  times to time in your post.

and make it user-friendly add pictures and Youtube Links. ?

Youtube Links? – Create a youtube backlink –  you need to create the change and make a video about your content and upload it on youtube and add your article link in the description.

How to Create Easy Video? 

There are many online websites that provide easy video making platforms for free and easy to use no extra efforts needed.

The online website for making videos I use is –

You can create you video here and download it for free. and upload it on Youtube and share anywhere else.

So you have created the free backlink from youtube. and this will help you to rank.

How google decide which website should rank?

There so many factors and I didn’t know about it all but some of them help you. Google changes its algorithm 3 times in a month. When no one knows.

  • Google uses a spider search to give users the best result – e.g. Imagin 2 website one is yours now both websites publish the same article which one will rank? now you share your article link in social media youtube facebook twitter & others website does not. Google sees that your links are linked to other platform and you might have a good article and your links are everywhere google will show your article.

How Many Headlines or Subheadlines there should be –

It Depends upon your article how many words are there if you write 300 words in your post then there should be 1 main headline H1 and 2 subheadlines H2. Don’t make any paragraph to big on a single headline mention Bold (ctrl+B) and make the article legitimate.

Change Dates, Adding Content time to time & Change SEO TITLE Effect Ranks?

Yes, adding fresh content into your article and change dates of the update month vise will affect your ranking you need to change the date in the new month and make sure if your keyword not ranking so change the SEO TITLE every time until you rank. If you rank in google then do not touch the SEO title.

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